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Catch the next LIVE broadcast over WOUB 1340 AM
from the campus of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, USA

Saturday, October 3rd, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM EDT (11 PM or 22:00 GMT/UTC)

Listen anywhere on the planet (or low-earth orbit) in 3 easy steps
iPhone, Droid, iPad, NetPad, T-Mobile or any web-enabled device.

1) Download the FREE TuneIn Radio app (or, ad-free is just a one-time fee of .99 ¢ - totally worth it)

2) Select 'Browse' at the bottom, then and Type WOUB 1340 AM in the search window that appears at the top

3) Select 'Favorites' so next time you can skip steps 1 - 2

Or from your web browser, click below to listen in your Time Zone:


        Location Time
Amman 1 AM (Sun 4th)     Montreal 6 PM
Amsterdam 12 AM (Sun 4th)     Moscow 1 AM (Sun 4th)
Beijing 6 AM (Sun 4th) New Delhi 3:30 AM (Sun 4th)
Belfast 11 PM New York 6 PM
Berlin 12 AM (Sun 4th)     Paris 12 AM (Sun 4th)
Buenos Aires 7 PM     Rome 12 AM (Sun 4th)
Cairo 12 AM (Sun 4th)     San Francisco 3 PM
Dublin 11 PM     São Paulo 7 PM
Honolulu Noon     Seattle 3 PM
Johannesburg 12 AM (Sun 4th)     Sydney 8 AM (Sun 4th)
London 11 PM     Tel Aviv 1 AM (Sun 4th)
Madrid 11 PM     Tokyo 7 AM (Sun 4th)
Mexico City 5 PM     Vancouver 3 PM

E-mail me if you are having trouble connecting.

In or around Athens, Ohio, USA? Tune your AM radio dial to 1340 and make like a hipster.

Musicians all over the world thank you for listening.