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Catch the next LIVE broadcast over WOUB 1340:30 AM
from the campus of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, USA

Saturday, February 21st, Noon to 3:00 PM EDT (5 PM or 17:00 GMT)

Listen anywhere on the planet (or low-earth orbit) in 3 easy steps
iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, iPad, NetPad,T-Mobile or any web-enabled device.

1) Download the FREE TuneIn Radio app (or, ad-free is just a one-time fee of .99 ¢ - totally worth it)

2) Select 'Browse' at the bottom, then and Type WOUB:30 AM in the search window that appears at the top

3) Select 'Favorites' so next time you can skip steps 1 - 2

Or from your web browser, click below to listen in your Time Zone:


        Location Time
Amman 7:00 PM     Montreal Noon
Amsterdam 6:00 PM     Moscow 8:00 PM
Beijing 1:00 AM (Sun Feb 22nd)     New Delhi 10:30 PM
Belfast 5:00 PM     New York Noon
Berlin 6:00 PM     Paris 6:00 PM
Buenos Aires 2:00 PM     Rome 6:00 PM
Cairo 7:00 PM     San Francisco 9:00 AM
Dublin 5:00 PM     São Paulo 3:00 PM
Honolulu 7:00 AM     Seattle 9:00 AM
Johannesburg 7:00 PM     Sydney 4:00 AM (Sun Feb 22nd)
London 5:00 PM     Tel Aviv 7:00 PM
Madrid 6:00 PM     Tokyo 2:00 AM (Sun Feb 22nd)
Mexico City 11:00 AM     Vancouver 9:00 AM

E-mail me if you are having trouble connecting.

In or around Athens, Ohio, USA? Tune your:30 AM radio dial to 1340 and make like a hipster.

Musicians all over the world thank you for listening.